Horse Riding For Kids: Benefits & Tips On How To Get Started

Benefits & Tips On Horse back riding

Benefits & Tips on Horse Riding For Kids

With the rampant pandemic, the outdoor life of both kids and adults had become non-existent. Now, thanks to active vaccination drive and self-quarantining, the virus seems to be at bay and things are getting back to “normal”. If you are planning on initiating your kids in the outdoors activities by teaching them different sports, horse riding is also a great option, especially if your kids’ eyes sparkle at the mentioning of ponies and horses.

In this post, we are going to explore the benefits of horseback riding for kids and how you can get your kid started in this line without getting worried about their safety and wellbeing.


It is just false that a horse does all the work in horseback riding so there are no inherent benefits in putting a bridle on a horse and going out for a ride. In fact, there are subtler and deeper benefits that we are going to discuss below.

Core Body Workout

The horse does all the work of walking and running and does not support the rider on its back by altering its gallop. It is the rider who needs to adapt by cultivating a posture that requires engaging a variety of muscles, from the body core to inner thighs and pelvic. After an intense session of horseback riding, you are sure to burn calories and put on muscles.

Positive Outlook and Life Skills

Riding, caring, handling a horse gives kids a chance to become independent for a time being and use their best judgment to care for the horse and themselves. Studies have shown that kids involved in such activities learn beneficial life skills and adopt a positive outlook around them.

Confidence Builder

In the past, cavalry was the armored division of an army, just like tanks. So, when a kid takes care of and handles a (gentle) beast twice his size and becomes responsible for him, it boosts confidence and helps the kids learning how to take charge of a situation. This outlook will help the kid in both academic and practical life to own both virtues and vices and come out stronger than ever.

Outdoors Fun

In this digital age, both kids and adults have smart devices and their eyes are constantly glued to the screens of those devices. Even adults are not fine by this routine, kids are more at the risk of contracting diseases and disabilities due to lack of movement and exercise.

Horseback riding for kids is a great way to make them mobile and find their roots back to nature. It will surely be a breeze of fresh air for them.

The best part of horse riding is that it often turns out into a hobby of a lifetime.

General Safety Tips For Horse Riding Beginners

Horses are fun to play with and ride on, but they are extremely muscular and powerful and you know your way around the horse to avoid any potential injury.

Here are some general safety tips on horseback riding for beginners to keep in mind:

1) Keep an eye on the horse’s body language. Your horse must be relaxed and calm to understand and obey your command.

2) No yelling or shouting around any animals, especially horses. They are very sensitive to sound and interpret loud voices as a sign of danger or threat.

3) No startling the horse. You can avoid this by not coming on the horse too quickly. The ideal is to give the horse time to adapt to the surrounding environment.

4) Horses rely on senses and intuition and can detect a confident rider from a frightened one. Make sure you are firm and confident to befriend a regal creature such as a horse.


Can a 3 Year Old Go Horseback Riding?

Many kids start pony-riding around the age of 3 years old. There are even some equestrian schools that tend to the riding needs of toddlers and kids under 2. That said, a 3 years old cannot ride a horse on his own because a full-sized horse is too big for him to handle or even sit on with proper safety.

Can a 6-Year-Old Ride a Horse?/ At What Age Should a Child Start Riding a Horse?

Many experts believe that 6 is the perfect age to initiate kids in the awesome hobby of horseback riding. At this age, they are big enough to be tucked in with maximum safety, conscious enough to understand their surroundings and nurture a positive relationship with the horse.

Where Can I Take My Son To Ride a Horse?

The best place to take your son for horse riding is an equestrian school. Under the tutelage of professionals, he will be able to learn all the safety and riding tips to get the best out of this hobby.

Horseback riding is a noble endeavor and exposing kids to it at a young impressionable age helps them build strong character and ruggedness that helps them in the future. This article will help you to learn all about how to get started with your kid in this art. We also have an article on horseback riding on the beach, it would be great fun to ride a horse on a beach right after learning horse riding. Also, don't forget to visit QRG Direct.