Dog Training | How Much Does Dog Training Cost?

How Much Does Dog Training Cost

Dogs are one of the best animals, in love with their owners, and who doesn't want to be loved unconditionally. Like Andy Rooney, an American radio and T.V writer said, ’The average dog is nicer than the average person. So, it would be an utter waste to not avail of the opportunity Mother Nature has provided us with. 

Many people aspire to own a loyal pet that loves you more than itself; a companion in loneliness; a friend in adversity, a partner you can have fun with. Unfortunately, owning a dog might get frustrating for some, owing to the fact that untrained dogs put you in awkward situations in parties and gatherings, or act weird around other dogs, which might chew/damage your stuff. This is because they are not naturally well-behaved. Training dogs to get the best out of them is crucial, otherwise, you might get a hole in your pocket due to the money spent on fixing the problems caused by them.

How Much Does Dog Training Cost?

Dog training cost varies depending on the training option you choose. Let us dive deep into training types, their costs, and benefits.

Private training:

One-on-one training classes cost more, usually around $120 per hour. Reason being that the trainer focuses all his attention on one pet at a time, which makes the learning process quicker. A private trainer, usually, trains the dog at your home. The training is not only about the dog, it also teaches you to learn how to interact with your dog and know what it wants. 

Private training includes:

Mastering to stop jumping, barking for no reason, not harming your possessions or household items; the trainer will walk your dog in the neighborhood to train it, and simultaneously, teach you how to control it if it acts in an absurd way. Advanced level teaching includes training the dog to respond to commands like, sit, go, etc.

Training your dog can help it from putting itself in a dangerous situation like the uncontrolled running on a busy road can cause an accident, and also, trained dogs don’t chew or harm any of your possessions that are very close to your heart.

Group Training:

Training your dog in a group can cost you somewhere between $30 to $80 per class. Dog training institutions charge on a weekly basis and cost between $200 to $600. Dogs that are hyperactive around other dogs should be trained in groups, so they get used to the presence of other animals. Group training has an edge over private training that your dog will learn more skills, and also will be easy for it to socialize. Furthermore, group trainers also teach playing pet sports.

Boot camp kennel training:

This is one of the most expensive types of training, in which your dog will stay with the trainer at the training facility where they are taught everything a dog should learn. This training can cost more than $500 and lower than $1250 per week. Here is what this training type teaches your dog: 

1) Responding to some commands- sit, go, down.
2) Paying attention
3) Pooping on command
4) To not barge in and out of a room.
5) Will walk your dog and train it to act normal when around people.

Service Training:

Dogs, if trained, become great animals. They can be trained by professionals to help a disabled person lead a life without depending on others. Service trainers charge more than any other training facility, the reason being that it involves a lot of hard work and time to get a dog to do specific tasks for its owner. Service trainers charge about $120 per hour, or training a hearing dog can cost up to $1000. Hearing dogs help deaf people live a normal life by alarming them with the sounds of a bell, telephone, or person. Guiding dogs, on the other hand, assist blind people. 

Dogs are also trained to become therapeutic to people who are in severe need of therapy. These dogs provide love and comfort to the patients in hospitals or elder citizens in old homes.

The average money spent on a dog to be an expert to make use of it in search and rescue operations is around $5000.

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