What Makes Exterior House Painters So Special?

What Makes Exterior House Painters So Special?

What Makes Exterior House Painters Special?

Have you ever requested a quote for exterior painting and wondered why is it so different from interior painting? If yes, you have got a lot of company. Almost always, exterior painting services are more expensive as compared to interior painting projects for the same house or building.

 What makes exterior house painters special? Well, the answer lies in the meticulous nature and scope of the job. While any painting job is a chore and demands attention to detail, exterior painting is a lot more challenging due to several reasons. In this post, you will know what makes exterior house painters so special and the main difference between interior and exterior painting products.

It Requires A Lot Of Preparation

The sheer amount of preparation makes exterior painting a class apart from interior painting. A lot of time and effort goes into preparing your house walls for a fresh coat of paint. It is no secret that painting on rough and unprepared surfaces not only takes a lot more painting product but also makes your house look old. 

Most of the exterior house painters inspect the walls for any damaged area. If possible, they will fix it and power wash the walls to get rid of the mold and mildew. High pressured water is used to remove years of dirt, peeling paint, and moss from the walls. If required they will also scrape off any loose paint material from the walls by scuffing and sanding them. This is essential to get an even and smooth surface for exterior painting. Whereas interior painting generally requires simple cleaning and preparation.

Exterior Painting Is More Time Consuming

One simple reason for high costs is that in any exterior painting project, there is more surface to cover. Exterior painters are specifically trained to handle large-sized projects. As the painters are going to spend more time painting your house exterior than the interior, be prepared to pay more. 

The exterior walls are less in number as compared to the walls dividing your house into different sections. But when you are painting your walls to withstand tough weather conditions, it takes a meticulous eye and perfection to achieve the results. Exterior house painting professionals are experienced in working for long hours.

Exterior Painters Combat Challenges Posed By Weather

One of the biggest threats is posed by Mother Nature. You can paint your room walls on any given day. Be it rainy, windy, or snowy, you can pull off an interior painting project with a few adjustments. 

When it comes to exterior painting, you have to combat challenges posed by weather. If you live in an area with constantly changing weather, the challenge gets even bigger. 

As the dry season of the year is the best time to paint exteriors, it’s natural that almost all of the exterior painting projects are scheduled in those months. Exterior painters are the busiest during the dry season and charge you more as their services are high in demand.

Moreover, painters are prepared to handle the situation in case of an unexpected shower. They not only have to protect the painted walls but keep themselves safe from the injuries caused by strong winds.

The Job Can Be Very Dangerous

If you have ever climbed a ladder to clean your roof gutters, you can easily tell how dangerous it is to do anything on your roof. Painting a house exterior takes a lot more time than any sort of cleaning and that makes the job very dangerous. Every year, several people injure themselves during residential and commercial exterior painting projects.

 Exterior painters are different because they are equipped with the best personal safety equipment. As they have to complete the project at risky heights, they are properly trained to use the safety gear. When you hire a painting company for exterior painting, make sure the company has got workers' compensation and insurance policy in place.

The Stakes Are Too High  

Anyone would agree that stakes are far too high when it comes to your house exterior. Because it is about the curb appeal of your house. There are no second chances in first impressions. For those who don’t want to take any risks and want their house to stand out from the neighborhood, it is essential to hire trained exterior painting professionals. Any blotch or mistake can affect the aesthetic appeal and hence the real estate value of your house. If you are planning to sell your house shortly, you require flawless exterior paint to attract more customers. An expert exterior house painter can transform your house from average-looking to absolutely amazing. 

Difference Between Interior And Exterior Paint

Several homeowners are confused about whether they can use interior paint outside or not. While the simple answer is yes, it is not recommended. The reason is pretty simple. The exterior paint is composed of elements that can survive inclement weather, mold, mildew, high moisture and constantly fluctuating temperatures. Whereas interior paints can resist stains and be scrubbed clean, they cannot endure the weather and hence you cannot get the best of your investment. You might be looking for interior house painting services, then check this guide.

All of these factors make exterior painters so special!