10 Best Locations of Horseback Riding on the Beach in the USA

Horseback Riding on the Beach in the USA

Horseback Riding on the beach in the USA

Horse riding is an ancient sport and hobby and it is associated with passionate people. The horse is a wonderful animal and a friend of humans. There are different races of horses around the globe and every race has some very specific qualities. Time has changed, and now horse riding is enjoyed in a very contained environment, so That's why you should learn how to ride a horse before going to the beach. People love beaches and exploring the beach on the back of a horse doubles the fun. There are some very special places scattered across the USA that are favorite destinations only for this particular hobby. If you love horseback riding on the beach then you must visit one of the following places every once in a while. 

  1. Corpus Christi, Texas

Riding a horse is a dream for many people and there’s isn’t a better place than a beach to enjoy it to the fullest. Most people visit the beach for various activities and they do it in a very limited area. However, horse riding gives you a unique opportunity to explore the beach thoroughly. Corpus Christi in Texas is one of the ideal places for horse riding. It is a beautiful place and for the ones who love horse back riding means enjoying the largest coastal city in Texas with nine beaches. 

Don’t worry if you don’t own a horse because finding one on the beach isn’t a problem. Their horses are well-trained and prepared for the designated task. The beach has some very attractive tourist spots including, the USS Lexington Museum, Texas State Aquarium, Art Museum of South Texas, and American Bank Center. So, pick a fine day to have the fun of a lifetime.

  1. Long Beach Peninsula, Washington

A lot of people are scared of horse riding and it is probably because they haven’t done it before. Some might ask that can you ride a horse on the beach? Well, of course, you can and there are special companies that offer their horse-riding services on the beaches. Horseback riding is not that difficult, it just requires a great deal of stamina. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to ride because quick tips can get you started in no time.

If you enjoy horse riding, then you ought to ride off into the sunset. That’s right because you can do it on Long Beach in Peninsula, Washington. Just imagine yourself on the back of a horse exploring the 28 miles of beach stretching across the horizon. You can enjoy the natural beauty to the max.

  1. Maui, Hawaii

Are you worried about when can you ride horses on the beach? Well, don’t worry because there isn’t a particular season for that. All you need is some of your precious time and a good place preferably a beach just like Maui in Hawaii. If you love beaches and mountains and forests, then there isn’t another place to enjoy them all in one go. This place has a unique mix of nature and would cause a breathtaking effect on you.

You’ll also love an ancient volcano named Mauna Kahalawai in the West Maui Mountains. It is about 1.7 million years old and an important attraction the pulls countless tourists every year. Some people might ask do horses like the beach? Well, there isn’t anything bad about beaches, besides horse is human’s best friend and they would enjoy as much as you do. If you are new to horseback riding, then you might want to slow in the beginning before getting into a rhythm. 

  1. Popham Beach, Maine

If you are under the impression that there’s no other beach left to visit, then you might want to update your list of beaches. Because you still haven’t visited Popham Beach in Maine. It is another favorite spot for horseback riding. New England is popular for its lighthouses and fishing villages and what’s better than horse riding to explore it all.

Popham beaches are open to equestrians from October to March. So, you might want to update your schedule before planning the visit to this particular beach. Remember that it is always a good idea to learn a few territorial facts about the place you are about to visit. 

  1. Imperial Beach, California

If you know a few things about horseback riding, then you’d know that it is more enjoyable when it's sunny. Besides riding along the beach in bad weather would just be a terrible experience. Well, that’s exactly why you should visit Imperial Beach in California. They are proud to announce that they have the best sunny beaches in the USA. The reason for that is warm weather and you can easily find a good day to ride because it’s sunny for 323 days a year. It is always a good idea to plan the visit with a few friends otherwise the city has interesting nightlife.  

  1. Hatteras Island, North Carolina

Exploring woods, forests, and the beach isn’t something that you can find on every beach. However, it’s your lucky day because you can find it all on Hatteras Island in North Carolina. You can start out early and take the horse to explore the area and enjoy the natural beachside forest. Later you can pull out your swimsuit and swim as much as you want. It is an amazingly peaceful place and it is often known as the best destination for families. So, the summer isn’t over yet and you can still do plenty before the season ends. 

  1. Cape San Blas, Florida

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida, a peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico and St. Joseph Bay. It is the favorite destination for white sand lovers because here you can find 20 miles of white sand beaches. Cape San Blas is also a favorite place for local equestrians because these beaches are not so much crowded. This means you might have visited other beaches except for this one, and it is a perfect opportunity to bring out your explorer spirit. You can ride the horse and entrap the beauty of this beach in your eyes and heart forever. 

  1. Oahu, Hawaii 

Do you love horseback riding and surfing? Well, if that’s the case then you must add Oahu in Hawaii to the list. It is home to some very big names in surfing seeking massive waves. Well, surfing isn’t the only way to enjoy the waves, because you can enjoy them as you ride the horse as well. It is one of the famous tourist spots and doesn’t be alarmed if you find everything booked. That’s why plan ahead of time. If you know a little about horse riding, then the experts at the beach can guide you exactly on how to do it. So, don’t hesitate to ask.

  1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Now that you have seen numerous beaches for horse riding, then how is possible to forget about Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. This place is full of natural beauty and it is a favorite spot for the offseason. You can enjoy it as the horse hits the water with a splash. This beach has the capacity to drive you away from the noisy city life and enlighten you with peace. You can plan the next trip in a group and enjoy horseback riding during the day and have fun in the evening with a barbeque at the beach. 

  1. Ten Mile Beach, California

Ten Mile Beach beach can’t be taken lightly because it’s a mile wide and four miles long, the dunes and rugged California coast are breathtaking. That’s why there isn’t anything better than horseback riding to explore it. There’s still time before the season ends, and you can plan a weekend trip to have fun with friends.

You’d be happy to know that horse riding is one of the top attractions here, that’s why there’s no limit to the fun. The beauty of this place pulls the visitors and whether you are a first-timer or visiting again this place still has a lot to offer.  

There’s always a secret way to explore a place. Since the beaches are immense, there isn’t anything better than horseback riding to dive into the natural beauty. The horse was the common mean of transportation in the olden times, but now it is only dedicated to fun activities. Another benefit of exploring the place with a horse is that you preserve your energy so you can swim later.

If you are looking for something new, then horseback riding might be that thing. You can also bring your kids with you on the beach but your kids should know horseback riding so they also enjoy on the beach with you.

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