FAQs | QRG Direct

QRG Tech Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is QRG Direct?

    QRG Direct is an online business directory helping local businesses thrive by adding their business details online to get more leads and eventually increase the conversion rate. We allow the business owners to connect to their potential customers, update profiles, and let the users add and read a review.

  2. How QRG Direct works?

    Working with QRG Direct is pretty simple. Local business owners list their business in our directory in a few easy steps. We market their services to connect them with potential buyers. We act as a bridge between a service provider and a customer.

  3. Is QRG Direct a business listing directory?

    Yes, QRG Direct is a business listing directory where local businesses list their business. We connect them with potential customers, who can see their business profiles with customer reviews and work history.

  4. How to list a business on QRG Direct?

    Listing your business on QRG Direct is very simple. You can create an account on QRG Direct instantly. You can easily set-up your profile, providing relevant information, and that’s it; you are ready to reach millions of users.

  5. Is QRG Direct reputably?

    Indeed, QRG Direct is a reputable business directory with millions of online users. Both business owners and buyers trust our service as we provide them with optimal solutions.

  6. Does QRG Direct support client ratings & reviews on business listings?

    Yes, QRG Direct allows users to post their ratings & reviews on business listings. We publish their reviews without editing them (if it doesn’t violate our policy) as we believe in authenticity.

  7. Do I need to create an account on QRG Direct?

    Yes, if you are a business owner, small or big corporation, you should create an account on QRG Direct. In this way, you will enter the digital realm to build a significant digital identity, reaching millions of potential buyers.

About Listing on QRG Direct

  1. Do you verify the business information listed on QRG Direct?

    Yes, we thoroughly check the data that a certain service provider submits. Every business is recorded in QRG Direct’s online directory after thorough scrutiny.

  2. What information does QRG Direct require to list a business?

    To list your business on QRG Direct’s listing, you will have to submit your business name, business, address, contact information, website address, and email.

  3. Can I list my business if my business is outside the USA?

    Yes, you can list your business on QRG Direct if your company is offering services in the USA. It is not necessary for your company to be USA-based, but it should be offering services in the country.

  4. How do contact support if I have any questions regarding my listings?

    To contact the support of QRG Direct, you need to provide your phone number and email ID. All your queries will be resolved by our customer service representative.

User Reviews On QRG Direct 

  1. Does tamper reviews left by the clients?

    No, we don’t allow tampered reviews on our listings as it goes against our policy. We only allow authentic reviews and ratings.

  2. Reviews on QRG Direct ever get removed or do they stay forever?

    We don’t remove clients’ reviews unless they go against our policy. The use of abusive words or defamation is against our policy.

  3. Can business owners ask for reviews from clients?

    Yes, QRG Direct allows business owners to ask for reviews from their clients. We believe client reviews are essential for our community, and we encourage everyone to share their experience.

  4. Can I share my reviews on Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

    QRG Direct allows you to share your reviews on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is essential because other prospective clients can learn a lot from such customer reviews.

About Landing Page on QRG Direct

  1. What Is A Landing Page?

    A landing page is a single web page that is created especially for marketing or advertising campaigns. It is the page where a user lands after clicking on any link from an ad on Google, Facebook, YouTube, or similar places on the web.

  2. Does It Require To Have A Website For A Landing Page on QRG Direct?

    No, you do not need to have a website for a landing page. It is a stand-alone page. Therefore, QRG Direct doesn’t need a website for a landing page.

  3. How Does A Landing Page Work?

    Landing Page, a stand-alone page, is perfect for marketing purposes. We are QRG Direct, make local pages based on the services provided by the business.

  4. What Is Included In A Landing Page?

    At QRG Direct, a landing page typically included the services, business information, banner line/company slogan, call to action, gallery, video, and reviews.

  5. Does QRG Direct Support Customer Reviews On A Landing Page?

    Yes, QRG Direct highly supports customer reviews. We allow users to let our community know about their experience by letting them add a review. Besides, a review will help increase the trust of potential customers.