Why Glidden Paint Colors are so Trending

Why Glidden Paint Colors are so Trending

Why Glidden Paint Colors are so Trending?

Applying a new coat of paint to your walls is a great way to give your home a fresh makeover from the inside out. Painting contractors may tell you to skip your research and buy the most expensive paints they suggest. But if you're on a budget and still need premium looks for a project like a bedroom or a guest room painting, Glidden paints are a perfect choice.

The Glidden paints are not just affordable but also offer the superb paint quality that you really need. This article has all the inside information that will tell you why Glidden paint colors are trending and why these paints are so popular.

Reasons Why Glidden Paints are Trending

Glidden, which is owned by PPG Industries, is a lower-priced paint brand sold at popular home accessories grocery store The Home Depot. Glidden paints are also available at Walmart stores in the United States. The quality of Glidden paints is often compared to much larger brands like Behr, Benjamin Moore, etc., and many painting contractors prefer to use Glidden paints for exterior surfaces because they provide better skin and coverage. Here are some reasons that explain why these paintings are so famous and trending:

Positive Customer Reviews

Glidden paint reviews are profoundly positive. Almost 79.8 percent of reviews about Glidden paints are encouraging on different review websites. The brand also has an overall 4.4-star rating. 

Delivers Best Value The Money

The trademark of Glidden paints is all about giving top-class quality at amazingly affordable prices. And the brand is keeping up its promise for many years and that is why consumers trust Glidden paints. Many customers have said that Glidden paints are worth every penny and have long-lasting paint results. 

Known for exceptional quality exterior paints

The quality is the legacy of Glidden paints. The paints have outstanding quality and results. Even the painting contractors prefer Glidden paints for the exterior more than any other brand out there. Glidden paints offer excellent economical options, good coverage, and remarkable toughness to withstand washing and scrubbing.

Premium often delivers coverage with one coat

The Glidden Premium interior paints offer paint coverage with just one coat. These paints are thick and can withstand time trials.

Greater Coverage On Brick And Concrete

Because Glidden paints are highly thick and strong, these paints give better coverage on surfaces like bricks and concrete which have bigger and more uneven gaps. With just one or two coats of paint, you can cover any surface no matter how odd it is.

Easy To Apply To Walls

Glidden paints are dead easy to apply. You just need a single layer of paint to cover most of the area. That is why many people prefer Glidden paints for DIY.

Glidden Paints Dries extremely fast

Continuous evolution in paints is the driving force for the Glidden paints. With their state-of-the-art R&D (research and development), the Glidden paints are looking for ways to improve the quality and longevity of paints. With their research, Glidden paints have achieved lots of benchmarks and fast drying of paints is one of them. After applying Glidden paints, you do not have to wait for hours to let the paint dry. In fact, Glidden paints dry instantaneously.

Easy To Clean

Thanks to their R&D, glidden paints are also very easy to clean. You do not need some extraordinary tools to clean the paint.

Glidden Paint Color Chart 

Glidden has hundreds and thousands of interior and exterior paints and their paint swatches are quite massive. You have endless paint options for the interior and exterior of your home. Here are some famous paint schemes from this year:

Aqua Fiesta

This year, the company chose Aqua Fiesta as the 2021 accent color of the year for the Glidden paint. Aqua Fiesta is a joyful and cool aquamarine color that looks great in a bedroom, bathroom, living room, or kitchen. To create that warm spa vibe you have seen bursting up on social media, use Whirl-wind on your bedroom, living room, or kitchen walls and pair it with a cool Aqua Fiesta accent wall. If you are using Aqua Fiesta in your bedroom, add a cream sheet and fluffy white pillows to complete the look.

Gray Colors

Glidden gray is an adaptable and beloved neutral, and combined with sparkling yellows, it can create a feeling of energy in a room to suit any style. The collection of two autonomous colors climaxes how different origins come together to direct a message of strength and hope that is both lasting and inspiring, carrying the impression that it is not just one color.

Aquatic Blue Colors

This cool color can add balance and tranquility to spaces, whether used on cabinets, walls, or woodwork. It pairs perfectly with neutrals such as warmer colors and softer creams, while shades of gray ensure spaces retain a sophisticated, ultra-smart feel. The quantity of light it receives will also change the color, going from a cool shade in bright light to a better-off one, and soft blue-gray in more reflective rooms.

Neutral Paint Colors

Neutral colors like cool slate and chocolate pretzel inspire to find sanctuary in any space. Cool Slate is a rich anchor that grounds the mind on calm and stability with its connection to the natural world. The house is now the last refuge in the world, and the color is a simple and effective way to create a personal port.

For someone who is overwhelmed to choose colors for an indoor or outdoor space, Glidden Paint now offers free virtual color consultations in the United States. This exclusive virtual explanation lets Glidden paint color experts continue providing suggestions to customers and retailers. of your house. At the time of request submission, customers are asked to provide particulars of their project, their initial color likings, and photos of the space.

The Difference Between Interior And Exterior Paint

The main difference between interior and exterior paint is the rigidity of the resins. Paints have several properties because they are made for diverse purposes. Exterior paint is formed to handle harsh weather, rain, mildew, and stains. Interior paint, on the other hand, is designed to be cleanable and stain-resistant. 

Exterior paint must survive the humidity and tremendous temperature changes. It should also resist fading, cracking, and chipping. For these reasons, the resins used in the manufacture of exterior paints must be softer and more elastic. For interior paints, variations in temperature and humidity are not a problem. Therefore, the resins used in its production can be harder. We have a house paint Guide which consists of key factors about house interior painting, you may consider reading.