What Is Pool Resurfacing - Pool Remodeling & Renovation?

Person is doing pool resurfacing

What Is Pool Resurfacing - Pool Remodeling & Renovation?

Even though pools are permanently designed fixtures in a home that are installed to last forever, however, they might need some form of resurfacing or remodeling every now and then. 

The good news is that modern-day pools come in all shapes, sizes, designs, in fact, many are custom-designed for ease remodeling later on. Pool resurfacing companies offer affordable cost estimates with aesthetic pool remodeling ideas to homeowners who are looking to upgrade their poolside area. 

In fact, you can sit with your pool expert and draft a custom look suiting your taste and needs. Whether you want simple repairs, or total remodels, any good pool resurfacing company should help you bring the ideas to reality. 

So, here is everything you need to know about pool remodeling and renovation. Let us give you a headstart so that you have a beautiful and functional pool before summertime! 

Remodeling and Resurfacing a Pool: An Introduction

A lot of the homeowners avoid any form of pool remodeling under the fear of it being too costly. It is true to some extent that certain types of remodels can be expensive, however, the exact cost of pool resurfacing depends on the kind of service you choose and the company you hire. 

There are several factors one needs to take into account before they can gauge a cost estimate for a full remodeling or a resurfacing. If a homeowner only goes for minor changes such as polishing the tiles, then the cost would be much less as compared to a complete tile change, etc. 

In addition to the general repairs, there are two main services that any good pool company will offer:

1) Pool resurfacing

2) Pool remodeling

When you hear the term pool remodeling, it refers to altering the pool’s size and aesthetics in some form such as changing the tiles or constructing a pool garden. This is an expensive investment but gives your pool a complete makeover and an upgrade. 

On the other hand, pool resurfacing will change the look of your pool but its size will remain the same. Resurfacing is also a sort of pool maintenance because every pool needs resurfacing over the course of time due to the altering plaster on the surface. You can also add in the cosmetic changes to your liking. But, it would add to the cost. 

How quickly should one resurface a pool?

Honestly, the frequency of pool resurfacing depends on several factors. It is quite subjective. Well-maintained pools that are frequently cleaned have a longer lifespan than the ones that are not looked after properly. 

Moreover, the residential and commercial pool owners keep a margin in their pool’s surface that determines when the next resurfacing is due. However, there are some signs you must look out for that will tell you it’s time for a resurface. 

If you observe the plaster chipping off, or flaking, or cracking from areas, or patches of discoloration, fading paint, etc, then it is time your pool needs a professional hand. 

In case, you cannot afford a complete remodeling project, you can always check out the resurfacing options that are relatively affordable. 

What are some of the tell-tale signs that your pool needs resurfacing?

Are you now considering resurfacing your pool or perhaps remodeling? If your confusion is taking a toll on you, then it is time you inspect your pool’s current condition and then make a decision. Here are some common signs and symptoms that you need to invest in a pool resurfacing project::

 1) Stubborn stains across the tiles and the plasters that are hard to get rid off

 2) Rough, uneven, and patchy texture

 3) Water leaks across the pool body 

 4) Chipped off or flaky paint Yellow slime-like layer appearing on the water’s surface

If any of these signs are present, it is time you hire a pool resurfacing expert. 


What are the advantages of pool resurfacing?

If you are still skeptical about investing in a pool resurfacing project, then here is a quick overview of all the benefits of doing so:

1) It enhances and refurbishes the overall appearance of your pool 

2) It increases the strength of your pool and makes it more functional 

3) It increases the real estate worth of your house 

4) It is a good investment in terms of pool maintenance 

5) Your pool looks fresh, new, modern, and up to date 

What is the cost of remodeling a pool?

Once again the cost of remodeling a pool depends on several factors. What type of renovation are you opting for? How big is your pool? Are you investing in extravagant upgrades? 

But, on average the cost can be as low as $2000 to as high as $20,000. And it can vary to any number in between depending on your pool specifications and the remodeling needs. 

Remodeling an in-ground pool

It is possible to remodel an in-ground pool. Many of the modern-day pools are inground since the above-ground pools are not permanent fixtures. Hence, the later ones do not require resurfacing frequently because they can be removed at any time. It only makes sense to remodel an in-ground pool.

What is the time required for pool remodeling to finish?

This one again comes with a big “depends on”. The time required will vary from pool to pool. But, a simple repair job, new plaster, or fresh paint should not take longer than three days!

As the pool remodeling increases the worth of the house same as the interior house painting, and these two factors will also be helpful in house inspection before selling. Wait we have multiple other well-structured articles on these topics. You might be interested in reading.