Top 10 Best dog-friendly beaches in the USA

Top 10 Best dog-friendly beaches in the USA

What are the dog-friendly beaches in the USA?

Dogs love to visit beaches as we do, they love it even more in some cases. On beaches, they have a chance to run, splash in the water, and dig in the sand. They can sleep happily in the sun. Rugged beaches to white sand beaches in the USA, there are many dog-friendly beaches. Here we have a list of beaches that are most friendly for dogs. 

Coronado Dog Beach CA:

Coronado dog beach is a white sand beach, best for sunbathing and splashing into waves. It is tucked into two US states. It has a fenced area for dogs that is approximately 1.75 meters long. Dogs are not allowed to roam in other areas of the beach. That beach is best suitable for those who want to enjoy their special moments with their loved ones. This beach has other facilities including the volleyball area, bathtubs, party tables, and washrooms. 

OB Dog Beach CA:

This beach is located at the northernmost end of the ocean beach,  at the mouth of the San Diego River. It is one of the most popular beaches among locals and others. It was the earliest official beach for dogs. It has a spacious parking area. Every kind of dog is welcomed here. Vaccination and collar tags are a must for them.

Morris Island – SC:

It is called the lighthouse of Morris Island. This is the inhabited Island. Private boats can have access to them. Some tour companies also offer their 3-hour pet boat service. One should have to keep their edibles with them as there are no hotel and food sources. Dogs can enjoy freely moving and their owners can enjoy seeing dolphins jump and shells.

Block Island Beaches- RI:

This island is also called Rhode Island Beach. It is a small, tiny, beautiful beach. It welcomes dogs and offers them a free land area to roam and enjoy. Owners can find hotels, huts, and differential restaurants to have amazing food there. 

Cannon Beach - OR: 

It is the most beautiful and dog-friendly beach in Oregon. A dog show is held every year. One can visit this beach in other parts of the year as well. These beaches offer wide sand areas for dogs to play with but over voice control by their owners. The restaurants here offer delicious food to visitors and their pets. 

Montauk Beach- NY:

It is the most popular weekend special spot for people and their pets. Dogs have different visiting hours in different seasons. Dogs are allowed before 9 am and after 6 pm. This beach has different beautiful trails to explore for dogs and their owners. 

Carmel Beach California:

The iconic beach is situated along the central coast of California. It is an open place to welcome dogs. Your dog will have lots of friends to play with and surf under voice control. There are lots of restaurants that offer cuisine in their yappy hours to dogs and owners. They also offer amenities like a blanket and towel for your dog. 

Starr Farm Park Beach, Burlington:

It is the famous Vermont beach. Give your pet a chance to run and enjoy vacations with you in a beautiful area. These parks offer rental apartments with lots of facilities. You can have market access and a bike path. Before check-in explore all places you can visit with your pets and have fun. 

Seabrook Beach:

It is also known as New Hampshire Beach. It can be a hidden gem for you and your pet. This beach has fixed visiting hours before 8 am and after 6 pm. But in the off-season, there are no fixed timings for them. You can find food options for you and your pet. 

Wells Beach in Wells:

It is part of Maine beach. Dogs can visit this beach on a leash. This beach also has fixed hours for dog visits. Your dog can have fun on the sandy beach. Your dog can find his playing partners here.

Massachusetts Beach:

Marshfield beaches are part of Massachusetts. This is the most dog-friendly beach along the seashore. Dogs are allowed there on a leash. The main attractions here are food and beautiful scenes.  

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