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QRG Constructors Northern VA

QRG Constructors has been the premiere contractor for quality solutions and craftsmanship in Northern VA for more than 20 years. We are highly respected among the local community. We not only focus on building quality homes but also we build long standing relationships. We spend considerable amount of time to thoroughly understand the requirements of clients as we know they made huge investment on its construction. We strive hard to achieve 100% satisfaction of all the clients. We think our job is uncompleted if we unable to make you smile. We specialize in home automation, roofing, room additions and stone patios in Northern VA. In case if you need assistance in designing, QRG Constructors is glad to let you know that we offer free consultation services at your residence or business. Our registered architectural engineer works directly with customers to provide them latest design. Our aim is to ensure in time services to our customers at competitive prices. Our staff is fully trained and organized. They are well versed in latest technology to offer matchless solutions. Furthermore, we are bonded and insured business.


Our patios work is simply the best in Northern VA. We are regarded as one of the top hardscaping companies of Northern Virginia. We are not only a dynamic construction firm but also a complete designing firm. We will be happy even if we have to work with your architecture. We can provide patios in accordance with your choice. We offer huge variety in it that includes brick patios, paver patios, concrete patios, flagstone patios, concrete patios and patio decks in Northern VA.

Walkways and Sideways

QRG Constructors will be your dream place for walkways construction in Northern VA. We provide state of the art services for constructing and designing all kinds of walkways. We can fit into your estimates by building astonishing brick walkways in Northern VA. It can be built on the top of new or existing concrete walkways in Northern VA. Nothing is too big or too small for us. From homes to commercial sidewalks, we can install everything. We also install stone walkways and stamped concrete walkways in Northern VA. All kinds of walkways have their uniqueness. Interlocking concrete paver walkways offer flexibility with thousands expansion joints. The installation of stamped concrete walkways is quick. As the time progresses, driveways material offer more and more options. Concrete and asphalt materials are widely used. We facilitate the residents of Northern VA with high class services for blacktops, paver driveways and concrete driveways.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are extremely beneficial in landslides as it provide resistance during landslides. It also holds up hills to develop smooth surface beneath it. It comes in different designs and patters. Some of the most commonly used are structured walls, garden walls, concrete walls and stone retaining walls in Northern VA.


From pool construction to pool decks and pool plaster and coping, we offer full services to maintain pool in Northern VA. Pool deck service includes the installation of pool deck with slip and crack resistances at your property in Northern VA. We use latest material such as stone, wood, paver, tile and many more for pool decks. All in all, QRG Constructors assists in all processes including consultation, planning, site preparation, layout placement, pool excavation, equipment and structure set ups, pool plaster and others in Northern VA.


Are you worried about your outdated or damaged flooring? No worries, QRG Constructors serve its residents of Northern VA with resurfacing in concrete materials. We can completely transform the look of your place by stamping, concrete stenciling and decorative etching. Your concrete floor will be replaced by granite, marble, stone and bricks in Northern VA. You can also utilize our efficient services of concrete floor polishing and floor buffing and polishing in Northern VA.


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