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Eco Mold Inspection provides reliable mold inspection in Bonita Springs FL

Do not trust the substandard companies for mold inspection services in Bonita Springs FL as Eco Mold Inspection provides high-end services at affordable rates. We are a family owned company that has been serving the residents of Bonita Springs FL for many years. We have the required skillset and latest tools to meet your needs in an affordable fashion. Our mold inspection services are equally imperative when you are planning to buy a new home. We can help you get the much-needed peace of mind with the help of our quality mold inspection services.

We are a licensed and insured company that has managed to win the trust of thousands of people. The aim of our mold inspection services is to locate the mold in the house and provide feasible solutions for their elimination. Our mold inspection report will also help you to get a pair price when you are planning to sell the house. The inspection report will also give you a clear understanding of what is happening in your house and how you can tackle the mold problem in the future.  

Our Diverse Services

Let us help you inspect your home for mold formation and other pathogens in Bonita Springs FL.

Mold Testing

From air sampling to swab testing, we use multiple techniques to inspect the property for mold formation. We complete all the mold inspection projects by keeping industry standards in mind. Our post-remediation verification services are designed to give you the much-needed peace of mind that your property is safe from mold formation.

Smoke Test

We conduct thorough surface testing to determine the origin of the smoke and what type of material is burned. Contact us today to know more about our smoke test services and how this is imperative for your residential property.

Air Pressure Test

We can also help you measure the air pressure of the house with the help of containment chambers. Air pressure tests can help you to increase the efficiency of your HVAC system. Our experienced staff will be with you at all steps of the test and will provide necessary tips as well.

Air Quality Test

Our experienced professionals can thoroughly inspect the air quality of the house. Air quality testing is imperative when you are shifting to the new house. Some tests performed by our professionals are:

•    CO2 Sampling Test

•    Ozone Sampling

•    VOC Sampling

•    Allergen Sampling

•    And Much More

Sewage Test

We use latest techniques and tools to conduct bacteria and sewage tests. Our professional team will provide an onsite result in 8-12 hours. We have the tools to conduct liquid and surface testing. 

Why Choose Us

Procure our professional mold inspection services to know the current state of your house and keep your family safe from diseases. By hiring us, you will get the following benefits:

We have the right tools

We use state-of-the-art tools and practices to inspect the properties. Such tools and practices allow us to sweep all parts of the house in an efficient manner.

We are experienced

Our team consists of trained professionals that have years of experience in the field of mold testing. We hold regular training sessions for our professionals which helps them understand the latest techniques and tools used in mold testing and mold remediation processes.

We provide safe and reliable solutions

With the help of our professional services, you can lead a healthy life. Mold can cause a lot of breathing problems and our expert mold inspection services are what you need to breathe freely in your home. We complete all the projects in a timely fashion. We provide through estimates to the users always stick to them.

Eco Mold Testing is the name to trust when you are in need of expert mold testing services. We provide viable solutions to cater your needs. Since our inception, there has been a gradual increase in our popularity. The main reason behind our success is our attention to detail and affordable rates. We employ proficient customer support agents that are well-versed in mold inspection services. This helps us to provide swift services. Contact us today to know more about our services.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 239-500-4326

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